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Lilt Re-brand

For this brief I had to choose a brand that was ‘dying’ and re-brand it.

I chose Lilt which was very fitting considering the fact that Fanta had recently turned it into another Fanta flavour and ceased the Lilt brand.

From what I discovered, people had just forgotten that it existed. It needed a new look which I created with an abundance of fruit stickers I designed which both resonated with the pineapple and grapefruit flavours but also the colourful aesthetic of any Caribbean Carnival. This is where the idea of the relaunch at Notting Hill Carnival came from with lilt being a Caribbean drink only sold in the UK and Notting Hill Carnival being a Caribbean Carnival in the UK. Through a DIY can, a Lilt Shack selling Lilt and alcoholic punch, merchandise and a hashtag to share any photos of Lilts relaunch it will be loved once again...

Lilt lables-19.png

Presentation Boards

Lilt Presentation Boards-01.png
Lilt Presentation Boards-02.png
Lilt Presentation Boards-05.png
Lilt Presentation Boards-04.png
Lilt Presentation Boards-03.png
Lilt Presentation Boards-08.png
Lilt Presentation Boards-06.png
Lilt Presentation Boards-07.png
Lilt Presentation Boards-09.png
main shot main .HEIC

This was a real passion project for me. I loved every second of it and discovering more routes that allowed me to seamlessly tie the whole brand together along with its relaunch.

Lilt lables-01.png
Lilt lables-10.png
Lilt lables-05.png
Lilt lables-19.png
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